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JoinCERT sees itself as the central point of contact for finding certified companies in the field of joining technology. Find your partner according to the standard or simply via all online registers in your area. Our motto: One account for everything ...

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JoinCERT - the point of contact in joining technology

JoinCERT forms a platform for finding certified companies in welding technology. In the online registers, which are subdivided according to standards, you will find specialist welding companies that have been certified by an officially recognized certification body. The best thing about it is that you can log into all online registers with a JoinCERT account - one account for everything, so to speak. You can choose from over 60,000 specialist welding companies worldwide. Your new certified partner is sure to be among them. The search is completely free. If the search criteria offered are not sufficient for you, we offer, for example, the Online register of EN15085 inexpensive extended search options at.

In addition, JoinCERT gives you access to a number of applications that make your work as a welding engineer easier. So you are a company in joining technology? Read below what JoinCERT has to offer you

logo EN 15085

EN 15085

In the online register EN 15085, all certificates according to EN 15085 from recognized welding companies are recorded, which were created by an accredited manufacturer certification body recognized by the ECWRV (European Committee for Welding of Railway Vehicles). This standard is the basis for the welding of metallic materials in the manufacture and repair of rail vehicles and vehicle parts. It defines the quality requirements for ... read more in the online register EN 15085

logo EN 1090

EN 1090

In the EN 1090 register you will find companies certified according to the EN 1090ff series of standards. The EN 1090 serves to certify the in-house quality assurance and is aimed at manufacturers or distributors of load-bearing components made of steel and aluminum. Certification according to EN 1090 has been a basic requirement for CE marking since July 1st, 2014. Find out more in the online register EN 1090

logo DIN 6701

DIN 6701

In the online register DIN 6701 you will find all certificates from companies that are certified according to the DIN 6701 standard. DIN 6701 "Bonding of rail vehicles and vehicle parts" is the set of rules for quality assurance in the application of bonding technology in rail vehicle construction and in the maintenance of rail vehicles. Find out more in the online register DIN 6701 ...

logo EN17460


Find out more in the online register EN 17460 ... Find out more in the online register EN 17460 ...

logo ISO 3834

ISO 3834

The international series of standards ISO 3834 specifies welding quality requirements for manufacturers and regulates the principles for quality assurance of fusion-welded components and constructions and covers welding in series production, individual production, repairs and on the construction site (assembly) and relates to all welding-related areas of application. It takes on the function of ... read more in the online register ISO 3834

logo filler metals from DB AG

filler metals from DB AG

In the register additional materials of DB AG you will find certificates of welding consumables and welding aids for joining and surfacing of metallic materials by DB Systemtechnik according to the process instruction VA 918 490. Certification is a prerequisite for the use of welding consumables in various areas of application such as rail vehicle construction, welding of Rails and superstructures, railway bridge construction or in the field of building supervision. Find out more in the online register for additional materials

Are you a company in joining technology?

With your JoinCERT account you can not only manage your own presence on JoinCERT, but you also have access to ours Tool for creating and calculating joint shapes - WeldCAD. Incidentally, with a JoinCERT account you receive a 60-day free test license for WeldCAD instead of 30 days.

logo WeldCAD


With our WeldCAD joint shape generator, you can create technical drawings of your joint shapes. In addition, with WeldCAD you can easily calculate the material requirements of the individual joint shapes and the probable costs. With the WeldCAD Cloud you also have all your joint shapes always at hand and can interrupt your work at any time and continue it later. By the way, WeldCAD is also integrated in the WPS Manager ... to the joint shape generator and calculator - WeldCAD

Everything covered

Your JoinCERT account covers your daily tasks, so to speak. Regardless of whether you are a welding specialist yourself or you are simply looking for a qualified partner.

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